TAPES and updates

box of cassingles, box of cassettes.
all the cases + j-cards are destined for Tyred Eyes / The Groggs & Roundabout / Batalj
but now i have oh so many random tapes of lengths ranging from 5 min. to 120 that would be perfect for blown out indie bands or noisy drones.

ahhhh holidays

my radio tape loop delay pedal collaboration with verrinnt is finishing up dubbing. there are some epicly amazing pieces on there. side a is kind of like if every car in a parking lot started scanning through radio stations really fast, side b is kind of like meditating in some sort of large room or perhaps a meadow next to the beach among birds.

that's the 6th release i've made since saturday, around 100 tapes total. arts and mp3s and infos will start going up post-xmas. being furloughed from work has it's benefits i suppose.

there are people who i need to bug about music. you should bug me about releasing your music.

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