How Panda Bear Got His New Rig:

How did your Korg gear fit into the making of Merriweather Post Pavilion? What do you plan to use live on the upcoming tour?
The other guys used the KAOSS Pads on the record, for sure. I hadn’t gotten the M3 until after the recording of that release was over, but I’m planning to use the m3 nearly exclusively to make my new songs. I really like how with the M3 and other devices Korg seems to be looking forward, and I'd like to be that way creatively if I can.

You can tell were the interview goes from Panda talking, to Panda choosing from a list of synergistic-on-message ad text.

P.S. Just for clarity: I would do the same thing if Boss knocked on my door. "Selling out" is not possible; the concept only exists in some sort of glorified punk dreamland.

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