The santa cruz scene exploded...err something

I am excited and amazed by all the shows going on in Santa Cruz this month, I wanted to list them all in one place for enhanced visual effect:
1/6 Animal Collective listening part at Metamusic/ Andrew Jackson Jihad at the Crepe
1/7 James Rabbit/Sunshine Factory/Brown and Blue/Yetis on Film at Storey st.
1/8 Stephen Steinbrink/New Bengal Spice/World Wide Computer God at Zami
1/9 Fell Voices at Pergs
1/10 Campfire at Storey st.
1/16 Room For A Ghost/Kamm/Mangled Bohemians at Metamusic AND Mountain Animal Hospital/New Bengal Spice at Pergs
1/17 Surplus Audio Supply (anomie)/i.e./Sad Dads Gone Bad at Pergs
1/19 Peter and the Wolf, Johanna Lefever, Hod, Golden Bandat 811
1/21 Brown Irish, Bro Montana, and Depth Charge Revolt at the Blue
1/31 Battle /MTN\ and /MTN\ Animal Hospital at the Crepe.

There goes my nights and weekends.. I'll add more shows to this entry as they pop up.

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