A Machine.

Composition for ruined consumer audio device #1. by c.p. willsea
pt.1. Connect record player (here after known as the kit, or drums) to echo unit and tape deck, plug into mixer input 1.
pt.2. Apply contact microphone to toy hammer, run through FX pedals, looper, and into mixer input 2.
pt.3. Connect microphone to sampler, and leave idle on the record player, sampler output goes to mixer input 3.
pt.4. Panning/Space: 1 goes straight center, 2 to the left, 3 to the right.
pt.5. Apply drum sticks and hammer from pt. #2 to the drum kit created during pt. #1. Surface noise, pops, clicks, needle jumps and drags, and clips will be looped and echoed through the mixer input #1, while the percussive elements appear modulated through inputs #2 and #3.
pt.6. Repeat pt. #5 to satisfaction
pt.7. Express this satisfaction through the microphone from pt. #3 while hitting thy self with the hammer from pt. #2 and kicking the drum kit from pt. #1
pt.8. Before beginning pt. #4 you probably should have remembered to leave your Squier electric bass guitar feeding back through an octave pedal.

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